Visit: Doge's Palace, Piazza San Marco, 1, 30124 Venice Italy

A masterpiece of Gothic architecture, the Doge’s Palace is the heart and symbol of the city of Venice, the residence of the Doge and the seat of the Venetian Magistracies. Visitors to the Museum will discover the history and culture of the Venetian civilization, from its very origins: the early doges, the fourteenth-century architecture, the renovations by Doge Foscari and the fifteenth-century Palace, the fire in 1577, the prisons and the later seventeenth-century improvements, all the way to the fall of the Venetian Republic. The interiors, superbly decorated by legions of artists, with masterpieces by Titian, Veronese, Tiepolo and Tintoretto, provide an extraordinary visitor experience.

Duration: 2 hours

Visit: Museo Correr, Piazza San Marco San Marco 52, 30124 Venice Italy

The museum was founded around the collection that Teodoro Correr bequeathed to the city in 1830. The design and early construction of the Napoleonic Wing, which closes off St. Mark’s Square on the side opposite the Basilica, date back to the years in which Venice was part of the Kingdom of Italy (1806-1814) ruled by Napoleon.

Duration: 2 hours

Visit: Sale Monumentali della Libreria Sansoviniana, Piazzetta San Marco n.7, Venice Italy

The library, designed by Jacopo Sansovino, was built and decorated between 1537 and 1560 on commission by the Procuratori di San Marco, to offer a worthy home to the Greek and Latin codexes donated to the Republic of Venice by Cardinal Bessarione in 1468. Today, along with the Zecca, the former Mint that now houses the reading rooms, it is the monumental seat and part of the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, which preserves precious manuscripts such as the sixteenth-century Breviario Grimani and Fra Mauro’s Map of the world, as well as antique books, including those of Aldo Manuzio.

Duration: 1 hour

Visit: Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Venezia, Piazza San Marco 17 L'ingresso è dal Museo Correr- Piazza San Marco di fronte alla Basilica, 30124 Venice Italy

The National Archaeology Museum, one of the oldest public museums in Italy and in Europe, is home to an important collection of Greek and Roman sculptures, bronze objects and sculptures, ceramics, jewellery, coins, and a collection of Egyptian, Babylonian and Assyrian antiquities. Its origins date back to the legacy of Domenico Grimani and a donation by Giovanni Grimani who, respectively in 1523 and in 1587, bequeathed most of their collections of antiquities to the Serenissima Republic of Venice. These collections formed the nucleus of the Statuario Pubblico, a typical expression of Renaissance taste, established in 1596 by Frederick Contarini in the Anteroom of the Library of San Marco. Enriched by further donations in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the Museum, with the Library, was transferred in 1812 by Eugène de Beauharnais, Viceroy of Italy, to the Doge’s Palace.

Duration: 1 hour

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Doge's Palace, Piazza San Marco, 1, 30124 Venice Italy
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    We bought a skip the line ticket that gave us entrance to 4 different attractions. The Doge was amazing. The rooms were huge and some ornate but the paintings and pictures were outstanding. Only disappointment was that you had to buy an additional ticket to get into the private apartments. We didn't bother as felt there was enough to see and on principle didn't see why we should pay more money. There was enough information in each room to understand the history so no need to be guided around. The Bridge of Sighs can only be accessed through the Palace so if you want to walk over it you have to buy a ticket. We spent a good hour and a half walking around then went to the Musee Correr about 5 minutes away. Another great place. A lot bigger inside than it appears.